Adventures in Guatemala: The Planning

I love travelling, I don't do nearly enough of it. Exploring new places, people, food, cultures, beliefs are all so fascinating! There are two things that hold me back from this wondrous hobby; money and my unfortunate fear of flying.   While most people can understand the monetary issue of travelling, the fear of heights and planes failing and falling to ones brutal death might not be something everyone can understand.  This particular fear doesn't prevent me from travelling, but it certainly adds a significant amount of anxiety to my life before and during my travels.

When we decided that Guatemala was going to be the destination of our vacation this year, the first thing I did was start to look at flights. I quickly learned that there are no direct flights from Toronto to Guatemala. Great. This means a minimum of 4 flights. Yikes. On researching the country and the places we'd like to visit, I had to decide which would be better: one entire day ( 24 hours) on a bus, or a 45 minute plane ride within Guatemala. This might not be a dilemma for most, but the thought of taking a tiny propeller plane in a developing country was already making my palms clammy and body tremble. Flying is really something I would like to do with a bit more ease, so as much as I wanted to take the bus, I convinced myself to agree to the plane. For months, I practiced thinking: "It can't be that bad, and if it is I only have to survive for 45 minutes. That is, if the plane even survives. Guatemala is very mountainous... mountains are easy to crash into! Although... If we crash into a mountain, at least we wouldn't have fallen from as high. Maybe crashing into a mountain would increase our survival rate! Then all I would have to worry about are the jaguars. I would rather deal with a jaguar over an airplane any day."  Surprisingly, my unconventional coaching techniques worked to calm my nerves, slightly.

Before I knew it, our flights were booked and we were on the way to the airport.